With the GptCashCow you have a lot of ads to click a day and each one can be worth $ 0.01 or more.

Earn up to $ 0.32 per day!!!!!!!!

It's now avaliable for all country's!!!!!

This site is quite different from what we use to see because we do not limit direct referrals!
It has 5 levels of referrals!

Make registration here it's free!

Click the image to my referal:
As you know, to require the payment you must complete 3 offers ... You can go at the OFFERS - DAILY SURVEYS / CLICKS - DAILY CLICK. Then there is a list, and you can complete theses offers, simply click the link for example: Daily Click Games, then opens a window, you read this offer and click on the landing page, and after you can click MARK AS PENDING, if it works, soon the offer is complete ... and it give money ($ 0.01), yesterday it have 21 offers, it gave me $ 0.21 plus the normal clicks PAID TO CLICK (+ / - $ 0.11) ...  You can ONLY click every 24 hours or you loose credits !!!!!

I received 2 payments of this PTC!

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